Fall 2011 Wichita AMS/NWA Meeting

September 27, 2011 Meeting of the Wichita Chapter of the AMS/NWA

The fall meeting was held at Central Riverside Park in downtown Wichita with a dessert potluck. After dessert, the meeting was called to order by President Jerilyn Billings at 7:30. There were 12 in attendance including 8 members and 4 guests.

Jerilyn presented a recap of the High Plains Conference reporting that she had received a lot of positive feedback and it was felt that the conference was taken to a “whole new level.” Unfortunately, the chapter lost money on the conference due to the cost of food, service fees and tax. Treasurer Ross Janssen reported that expenses for the conference were $6448.52 and that income was $5726.66 for a loss of $721.86. This leaves the chapter with a balance of $919.67. This did not include the recent sale of some of the leftover shirts. It was all chalked up as “lessons learned.”

The next item on the agenda was the need for updated Chapter Bylaws. President Billings said that she hoped to have something written by the November, 2011 meeting and that it was her “number one priority.” The bylaws would then be voted on by members in 2012.

Jerilyn Billings mentioned that members at the National Weather Service office had received some free handouts called “Scijinks” from the scijinks.nasa.gov outreach site that is aimed at children bringing science information. She offered these handouts to any of the members that were interested.

A plan for meetings in 2012 was agreed upon in which we would have 4 meetings, alternating between lunch and dinner since this has been working so well. It was observed that the best “draw” for meetings seemed to be presentations, not food, as was evidenced by the relatively low attendance at the most recent couple of fall “picnic” meetings.


Several possible speakers for 2012 were mentioned for consideration, including Meteorologist in Charge, Dick Elder who is retiring. Since Mr. Elder was in attendance, it was agreed that he could give a presentation for the February meeting.


The meeting ended with a call for nominations for officers for 2012. A few nominations were made, but it was agreed that the “official” nominations would come after a call for them from the members via e-mail, to be voted on at the November meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 7:50.

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