February 2013 Meeting Minutes

February/March 2013
Wichita AMS/NWA Meeting


Paid 2013 Members:  4
Guests: 13
Total: 17

Meeting Start: 6:40pm

President of the Chapter, Jerilyn Billings, Started the business portion of the meeting.  Ross, J. Harvey, and Craig (officers) were unable to attend the meeting due to previous commitments.  The treasurer report is $1738.66. 

Old Business:

·         At the last meeting it was decided and voted upon to have the chapter help pay the required national level membership for the President in one of the two associations.  It was decided that this would be the higher of the amounts.  Jerilyn reported that she paid her National AMS dues, which were the higher of the two national amounts and would be getting a receipt to Ross for re-imbursement. 

New Business:

  • None
  • Jerilyn asked all in attendance to e-mail suggestions to her if they have any.

The Business portion of the meeting ended and people continued to finish their meals. 


The Presentation by Mr. Joe Pajor began at 7:04pm.  Mr. Pajor’s presentation was on the drought and how that impacted the City of Wichita’s water and any potential water restrictions.  How that is decided and what was presented to the City of Wichita City Council at the end of February. 

The presentation was very informal with the audience asking questions and interaction throughout. 


Meeting Ended: 8:15pm

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