Minutes from the November 2009 Meeting of the AMS/NWA

November 2009 Meeting of the Wichita AMS/NWA (November 2009 Minutes.pdf)

Chapter's First Ever Newsletter (November 2009 Newsletter) (.pdf file)

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009, Noon


  • Attendance: 56, including members and visitors

Meeting began at noon with a buffet lunch.
After lunch, President Rob Cox greeted the members and special guests from NOAA in Norman, OK. 
Mike Smith was selected as the speaker for the February, 2010 meeting and a survey was taken to select his topic:  Global warming or ‘Miracle’ at Greensburg.
The speaker for the meeting was Paul Schlatter of NOAA in Norman and his topic was Dual Polarization Radar (D-P).  He provided an excellent overview of this new system that will present both opportunities and challenges.  Wichita will be the first WSR-88D equipped with the “beta” D-P technology. 
Under a “do no harm” philosophy, all of the current products from the WSR-88D will continue to be generated.  In addition, there will be additional radar products from the raw D-P output.  These range from differential reflectivity to 9 new quantitative precipitation estimations. 
There will derived products in addition to the raw products.  One of these includes a network-generated precipitation type display.  Paul believes that a well-trained meteorologist will be able to improve upon the computer generated display. 
Uses for D-P include detection of tornado debris (especially useful at night), giant hail detection and direct detection of thunderstorm updrafts.  The estimation of precipitation amounts should be vastly improved.  There are likely uses for the new data that have not yet been discovered.
After a question and answer session, the meeting was adjourned to the new offices of WeatherData Services, Inc., an AccuWeather Company.  The offices represent the state of the art in private sector storm warning and technological capabilities.  

Paul Schlatter's presentation available in powerpoint and the associated video files used in the presentation. Presentation, Video 1, Video 2

Paul Schlatter shows some of the new products that will be available with the Dual-Pol Radar.


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