Minutes from the November 10th, 2010 Meeting of the AMS/NWA

November 2010 Meeting Minutes (November 2010 Minutes)


November 2010 Newsletter (November 2010 Newsletter)

Total Attendance: 20 Members: 17 Non-Members: 3 Lunch began at 11:30am Business Meeting Began at 11:45am.

  • 2010 Officer Elections: The election procedure was described for the audience. Each person would vote on a sheet of paper who they would like to fill each position. There was a space for write-in nominations. These ballots were distributed and collected at the end of the presentation.
  • Update on the High Plains Conference: Jerilyn gave a brief overview of what has occurred so far regarding planning for the High Plains Conference. The conference has a few different goals.
    • Bring as many student’s as possible: This includes having a Career Fair on Thursday night for not only College, but High School and younger students in the nearby area.
    • Family Friendly: There will be opportunities for conference attendees to bring their family, and activities will be provided (buses for shopping, zoo etc.).
  • A proposal has been written and supplied to the High Plains Chapter for collaboration between the two chapters for the High Plains Conference. Feedback has been received and this will be taken to the High Plains Conference Team.
  • The conference is already being advertised in the NWA November information.
  • February 2011 Meeting: A vote via ballot took place to choose the topic for the February meeting.
  • Dick Elder made 2 announcements:
    • Jerilyn Billings was the newest General Forecaster at the Wichita NWS
    • Note to all partners that use the Wichita Radar, it would be unavailable from January 4th-12th due to the Dual-Pol upgrade. If you haven’t already, make arrangements for other means of receiving surrounding sites’ radar data.

The business meeting concluded at 12:00pm Tom Hein, Wichita Metro Public Affairs Manager spoke on how weather impacts the transportation department and what they do to mitigate these effects.

Presentation concluded with interactive questions with Mr. Hein around 12:45pm.

Lorrie Donham announced the results from the election and meeting topic vote.

2011 Wichita AMS/NWA Chapter officers:

President: Jerilyn Billings
Vice President: Lorrie Donham
Secretary: Mark Bogner
Treasurer: Ross Janssen


February Meeting Topic: 20th Anniversary of Andover


Meeting Concluded at 12:50pm

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