Registration and Submissions

Late Registration accepted through August 1st, 2011

The Electronic Journal for Severe Storms Meteorology is graciously hosting a website for registration and abstract submission for the 15th Annual High Plains Conference.  Click Here go to the High Plains Conference page.  

Information to know before you go to the registration page:

  1. Each attendee and participant much register on the conference webpage (Click here) with their own username and password.  When you are registering for a username and password please select Author at the bottom of the user registration page.  This will enable you to submit an abstract for this conference. 
  2. If you need to pay for the conference registration and additional options (i.e. Banquet or shirts) with different funds, please see the alternate registration information below.  For example: Government employees.
  3. The registration fee includes the fee for attending the conference and 3 meals.  Meals included in the conference registration are 2 - Breakfast (Friday and Saturday) and 1 Lunch (Friday). 

Registration for the Conference


Registration Type Cost
General Registration (before July 15, 2011) $75.00
Student Registration (before July 15, 2011) $45.00
Late General Registration (later than July 15, 2011) $90.00
Late Student Registration (later than July 15, 2011) $60.00
Banquet $25.00
High Plains Conference T-shirt Pre-order $15.00
High Plains Conference Polo shirt Pre-order $25.00

Registration Page

Registration for conference attendance will be processed on the 15th Annual High Plains Conference page (click link above).  

Important things to know about the 15th Annual High Plains Conference Registration

  1. You must follow the instructions above and have a user account on the associated registration/submissions website. 
  2. You will have the ability to register for conference attendance as well as the Formal Banquet and for pre-order of Conference T-shirts.
  3. Registration is completed on a secure website that will link to Paypal for all monetary transactions.  No credit card information will be received by the High Plains Conference, other than notification of payment received. 
  4. You will have the possibility to register for the conference without submitting an abstract. Abstract submission is a separate process.  Please see below for more information on submissions.

Alternate Registrations:

If you need to register for the conference and utilize two different sources of funding, please select the Alternate General or Alternate Student Registration option on the Registration page.
For example:
A government employee (i.e. National Weather Service) registers for the conference and chooses to attend the banquet and purchases a High Plains Polo Shirt.  The employee's management provides funding for the conference registration, but the banquet and shirt are not permitted on the same payment account and will have to be paid for by the employee themselves. 

What to do:

  1. To bypass this, an attendee may select the Alternate Registration for your status (General population or Student).
  2. The attendee will be charged the registration cost, and has the option to select the Banquet and/or Polo or T-shirt for 0.00 dollars.
  3. When sent to the secure PayPal website you will only be charged for the Conference Registration, but will be listed as registered for the banquet and any pre-order shirts.
  4. When arriving at the conference and checking in, the balance for the options chosen will be due before check in will be completed. 

Note: Any conference shirts chosen with this option will be charged at the pre-order cost, even though they will be purchased at the conference location. If you do not select the shirt with your registration, but purchase it at the conference then the price will be the higher non pre-order amount.

Abstract Submissions

Abstract Submissions will be done on the 15th Annual High Plains Conference page.  (Click Here)

Important things to know about the 15th Annual High Plains Conference Abstract Submission

  1. You must follow the instructions at the top of this page and have a user account on the associated registration/submissions website.
  2. Registration and submissions are done separately, although they can be completed within the same visit to the website. 

Follow the submissions process below:

  1. Once you register with a username, sign in.
  2. Go to the User home link, available at the top of the website.
  3. On this page, you will see Author and then [New Submission] to the right.  Click New Submission
  4. Follow the instructions for the submission that will follow on the website.
  5. Once your abstract is submitted, you can register if you have not done so already. 
  6. Your abstract will be reviewed by the 15th Annual High Plains Submissions team and you will receive an e-mail at a later time to let you know your submission has been accepted. 

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