Minutes from the September 21st, 2010 Meeting of the Wichita AMS/NWA

September Meeting Minutes(September 2010 Minutes)

September 2010 Newsletter (September 2010 Newsletter)

  • Total Attendance:8
  • Member Attendance:8


Meeting was held at Sedgwick County Park Shelter #1 and began with a Pot Luck BBQ.  6:30pm

The business meeting began around 7:15pm

  •  High Plains Conference:
    • A committee consisting of 15 AMS/NWA members has been put together as a planning committee for the High Plains conference.  Jerilyn Billings is the team leader for the committee.  The first meeting was held on August 26th ane meetings will be held every 6 weeks to begin with. 
    • The dates chosen for the Conference will be Thursday August 4th, 2011 – Saturday August 6th, 2011 and will be held at the Marriott on the east side of Wichita.
  •   Nominations for Chapter Officers:
    • It was discussed that we wouldn’t necessarily nominate, but let people volunteer their interest and time for the 2011 officer elections.  
    • Jerilyn will send out an e-mail to the Chapter to request any persons interested in becoming a chapter officer to respond.  
    • All persons interested will be listed in the November issue of the Chapter Newsletter
    • Vote will take place at the November Meeting
    • Persons interested, that were present at the meeting include:
      • President: Jerilyn Billings
      • Vice President: Lorrie Donham
      • Secretary: Mark Bogner
      • Treasurer: Ross Janssen
  • Meeting options for November Meeting:
    • It was discussed that exclusively lunch and/or evening times for meetings is difficult for some to make. (i.e. All lunch meetings restricts teachers/college profs from attending).  It was suggested to Alternate evening and lunch time meetings to make the meetings accessible to all members of the Chapter.  We will move forward with these alternating meeting times and reassess at a later time. 
    • Rob Cox left a list of ideas for meeting speakers, and others were brought up at the meeting, these included:
      • KDOT – Discuss how the weather impacts them and what they do to prepare for weather events
      • Mayor of Greensburg?
      • Someone from Chapman, KS 
      • Arborist who could talk about how the weather has impacted the Trees in the area (ice)
      • 20th Anniversary of Andover
      • Coffeyville EM or southeastern KS, to discuss the Flooding of 2007
      • Storm Photography
      • Someone from the Department of Wildlife and Parks on how weather impacts their life.
      • Climate Change
    • After a vote, the Chapter chose to pursue the KDOT speaker for the November Meeting. The plan is to shoot for a lunch time meeting on either November 8th or 10th. Jerilyn Billings will continue to make arrangements for planning this meeting.
  • Chapter Bylaws:
    • Stephanie Dunten and Lorrie Donham have looked into the Chapter bylaws and have found very little, upon their recommendations and a vote by the chapter, it was decided to closely follow a set of bylaws that other Chapters have and make them relevant to the Wichita Chapter.
  • Science in Kansas:
    • Lorrie had received an E-mail that a group will be highlighting 150 Kansas scientists, both past and present. Nominations must be in by October 1st, 2010. Please see: 150 Scientists in Kansas , for more information. This website has a link to a page for nominations to be included in this group.  It would be great to have Meteorology represented.  

The meeting adjourned around 8pm

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